Taking Lindisfarne to sea

Ray Laidlaw and Billy Mitchell
Ray Laidlaw and Billy Mitchell

Ahead of their upcoming gig on DFDS’s North Sea Sounds event, we spoke to Lindisfarne’s Ray Laidlaw.

Lindisfarne will be playing onboard the DFDS Seaways North Sea Sounds mini cruise from North Shields to Amsterdam on October 16 and 17.

Ray Laidlaw and Billy Mitchell will tell the Lindisfarne Story with musical support from Martin Stephenson of the Daintees.

Ray got into music at the age of 12 in 1960. He said: “My cousin, who lived over the road from me, wanted someone to practice her jiving with. I got the job and consequently discovered all of her Elvis, Everly Brothers, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis records. I was hooked, both on the music and also on the effect it seemed to have on the girls. Within a year or so I had a drum kit and had started my first group.

He has been inspired by numerous musicians but mostly a combination of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman, Alan Hull, Michael Marra, Warren Zevon – the great rock lyricists.

Ray added: “We’re taking our Lindisfarne Story show, splitting it into two parts and adding some extra material. We’ll do act one on the trip out and act two on the return trip.”

For details about the DFDS Seaways North Sea Sounds mini cruises, visit www.dfdsseaways.co.uk