Twenty Twenty pull out all the stops

WHEN a trio of young, good looking lads step onto a stage in front of thousands of teenagers, there is generally only going to be one reaction.

But the screams from the gaggle girls directed at Twenty Twenty at the City Hall in Newcastle last week were certainly warranted when they warmed up the audience ahead of The Wanted.

The band consists of brothers Sam and Jack Halliday and Sonny Watson-Lang, and in a similar vain to the early days of McFly, they not only play their own instruments but belt out some top tunes.

Twenty Twenty were the perfect warm up to the main act, and there would have been no complaints from the crowd if they had stayed on stage longer than their 20 minute slot.

The band members had time to interact with the crowd, much to the audience’s delight, and had 85 per cent of the audience out of their seats for a dance, even the adults.

It wasn’t difficult to pick up the lyrics of their songs and sing along, and enjoy the performances of Burning Up, Loves a Freak and Superwoman.

That was all before they delivered their single, which is to be released on April 17 called ‘Love to Life’.

Twenty Twenty are a pop/rock act who easily appealed to the young teenage crowd and are certain to do well when their music is released into the charts.