Chuckle? I never stopped

The Chuckle Brothers in their latest show, The Chuckles of Oz.
The Chuckle Brothers in their latest show, The Chuckles of Oz.

REVIEW: The Chuckles of Oz, Whitley Bay Playhouse, Saturday, May 23.

The only time I ever felt remotely bored during this performance was during the interval.

Who doesn’t love the Chuckle Brothers? This duo has captured the hearts of the nation in all areas, whether it be performers on the stage, in TV or as rappers. As usual, they have a delivered a fantastic, well performed show, full of laughs and fun.

Their unique take on the original story of The Wizard Of Oz is exactly that: Unique. I don’t ever recall seeing someone caked in the face in the original film (which is now surprisingly 76 years old) and it is actions like this, water guns, cakes, eggs and all, that makes the Chuckle Brothers’ pantos so great.

The use of audience participation is to be expected, but is not at all unwanted, purely adding to the enjoyment. The brothers make the show for me, with so many ‘I’m not you ares‘ I was smiling constantly throughout. Even when they ‘messed up’, whether intentional or not, they kept going and turned the whole scenario into a joke (one of the things we love about them.)

This isn’t to say the other members of the cast were overlooked or bad, they each had their own moment and brought shine to the production. All voices were excellent, and the wide variety of songs used were all brilliant choices. I feel as if I am repeating myself with positives here, but that is purely because there is nothing negative to say.

All actors and actresses were well suited to their roles, and I would almost go as far to say they were born for them. The experience they all have shows, and makes for some of the very best takes on these characters I have seen.

My only downside to this whole fun-packed tour is that this was the only local performance. I wish there were more dates for local venues as I would happily see it again.

I even got the chance to meet the two legends after this amazing production and they are just as nice as they seem. Got to love the Chuckle Brothers!


Cast: Paul and Barry Elliott; Steve Arnott; Reece Sibbald; Rhys Rice; Hannah Nicholas; Carmen Vass and Beth Stobbart.

Creative Team: Executive producer Michael Harrison; musical supervisor/composer Olly Ashmore; speciality costumes Mike Coltman; assistant stage manager Richard Morgan; sound operator and company nanager Gareth Hopwood.