Council School Whitley Bay.

Looking Back at the Whitley and Monkseaton Council School

This old postcard is postmarked July 12, 1907. The caption states only that it is a picture of a Council School in Whitley Bay. Comparisons with other photographs and maps reveal that this was Whitley and Monkseaton North School, Park Avenue, seen from what would now be the back garden of 9 Coquet Avenue.

William Godfrey Charlton.

Their days were numbered

By the end of August 1918 it was clear to the German High Command that their days were numbered and that they were losing the war.

Winters Stores, Wallsend.

Looking Back at Winters’ stores

The Wallsend Herald of January 31, 1913, noted that: “Messrs Winters, the well known grocers and provision dealers of the North opened a new branch at 86 High Street East, and in order to advertise the high class quality of grocer were giving away £250 in prizes.”

Tynemouth Open Air School.

Looking Back at Woodlawn School

The first open air school for the health of children was opened in Germany in 1904. Tynemouth Open Air School opened on July 15, 1918, and was given temporary premises, using spare ground at the site proposed for Spring Gardens School.

Charles Tombling.

Looking Back at Tynemouth

In reminiscences about his childhood in the mid-19th century, Tynemouth historian Jack Young recalled that Middle Street was the commercial heart of the village, with 18 places of business. Front Street was mostly residential.

Old Tram Sheds.

Looking Back at the trams

A public meeting in 1879 led to the formation of a horse tram company, running a line between Saville Street and Grand Parade. This quickly went out of business.

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