Northumbria Police Force Headquarters, Wallsend

Thin blue line is getting thinner

I recently signed up for Northumbria Police’s ‘Give a Day to Policing’, an excellent initiative designed to keep MPs up to speed with policing in their area.

The arrival gates at Newcastle International Airport.

Airport is key to the economy

The fact we are 300 miles from the capital and the prosperous South East is a fact of life and makes efficient and affordable land routes vital to our well-being.

MP Mary Glindon seen at Greggs, Wallsend-pasty tax story.

Banning drug is wrong choice

A vital drug could be banned for use in the NHS and that would be devastating for about 1,000 people with the rare disease of spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

Mary Glindon MP.

Taking action on road works

Excessive delays in road renewal works at Killingworth Road are making many people’s lives miserable and massively disrupting road networks across the whole area.

The unit formerly known as Calderstones, at Whalley, could remain open until 2021.

Private health can help NHS

I am a passionate supporter of the cornerstone principle of the NHS – that we pay our taxes and don’t have to fret about or fear the cost of being ill, as do so many people in America.

Whitley Bay promenade.

Projects bring real change

When I was elected Mayor in 2013, I promised to do less talking and more work on the things that matter most to the residents of North Tyneside.

Mary Glindon MP for North Tyneside.

Russian risk to our security

After the, thankfully, failed effort to murder the Skripals in Salisbury and other aggressions against us, we often hear about a new ‘Cold War’ with Moscow.

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